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Blackoutbreak is a survival horror top down game situated on a blackout zombie outbreak where the protagonist is a military police officer and must find and save groups of survivors on many places from the city. Made during a regional game jam with the number 40 as theme. So 40 seconds to complete stage, 40 bullets and 40 zombies on the way.


Aim - Mouse movement

Fire - Left Mouse Click

Movement - W, A, S, D


Bruno Medeiros - Game Designer, Level Designer, 2D Artist and Programmer

Gabriel Lanhellas - Sfx Designer and Music Composer

Luana Lima - 2D Artist and 2D Animator


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Breakoutbreak game.rar 19 MB


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Deleted 68 days ago
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Go get a job man. Stop being an asshole and please let people have fun.

Deleted 68 days ago
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No. My objective is to pass a message inspired on a real world problem you dumb.

And please dont disturb people anymore. They are trying to do something good for the world like entertainment.

And its a original story inspired on reality like many movies and games. So look at yourself and what you are doing to other people.

Deleted 68 days ago
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It was always ok. People do it every time. Games about violence, killing, torture... Like Bruno said, go get a job.

Silly outburst, he is not profiting with this, and even if he was, there is nothing wrong about making a game about anything unless it is disrespectfull, in this case it would be moraly wrong but not legally wrong. 
This is silly because you can't do what this dev did, and want to be morally superior, but hey, you aren't, you just sound like an annoying envious child trying to bully someone for doing something you can't do. Even when you try to sound smart correcting his bad english, at least he can speak 2 languages.
This dev is helping people keep quarantine, atleast you can say you did the same making me waste my time thinking you are stupid.

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No. You are harnessing people calling they lazy bastards, dumbs, dumbass, dumb asshhole, etc. So grow up kid!

And let's be serious. You are upset bcause it states as "chinese outbreak" not because it's related to the covid. And surprise to you, it came from Chine out of irresponsability of a comunist goverment trying to hide, debatable if on purpose or not, the existence of the virus. And the author is not geting any profit out of it or else it would be paid. Have a nice day.

Soshite shinken ni shimashou. Sore wa covid ni kanren shite iru tamede wa naku,`Chūgoku de no hassei' to hyōji sa rete iru tame, anata wa dōyō shite imasu. Soshite anata ni odoroita koto ni, sore wa Kyōsan shugi seifu ga inpei shiyou to suru musekinin kara, itotekini ka hi ka o towazu, uirusu no sonzai ni tsuite giron no yochi no nai Chūgoku kara kimashita. Soshite, chosha wa sore kara rieki o ete imasen, samonakereba sore wa shiharawa rerudeshou. Yoiichinichiwo.